I am pleased to announce that my new Guidance for Grief deck is now available for preorder. This is an expanded and updated version of my Meaningful Messages deck.

This new deck features 52 cards, split into four themes: Signs, Messages, Affirmations, and Wisdom. Also included is a 64-page guidebook with exercises that let you dive deeper into the meaning of each card.

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Print Books By Dr. B.

The following are print books that I have authored.
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Investigating Mediums:

A Windbridge Institute Collection

For the first time all in one place, this paperback book includes my 3 books previously only available as Kindle books: Among Mediums: A Scientist’s Quest for Answers, Meaningful Messages: Making the Most of Your Mediumship Reading, and From the Mouths of Mediums Vol. 1: Experiencing Communication. In addition, Investigating Mediums includes articles discussing: mediums’ views about the afterlife; grief and mediumship; our deceased animal loved ones; and the three mediumship research programs at Windbridge.

Please note, this book was published in 2015 before the mediumship and afterlife research moved from the Windbridge Institute to the Windbridge Research Center in 2017.

Paperback: 348 pages

Médiumnité – Quand la Science Confirme

(French Edition)

In 2021, Investigating Mediums was translated into French and includes a foreword by Stéphane Allix.

Paperback: 218 pages

Other Print Books

The following are print books that include contributed chapters authored or co-authored by me.
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Continuing Bonds in Bereavement: New Directions for Research and Practice

Klass, D., & Steffen, E. M. (Eds), Routledge, 2017

Chapter 13:
The potential therapeutic efficacy of assisted after-death communication (pp. 176–187). Beischel, J., Mosher, C., & Boccuzzi, M.

Surviving Death: A Journalist Investigates Evidence for an Afterlife

Kean, L., Crown Archetype, 2017

Chapter 14:
Research into mental mediumship (pp. 170-180). Beischel, J.

Parapsychology: A Handbook for the 21st Century

Cardeña, E., Palmer, J., & Marcusson-Clavertz, D. (Eds.), McFarland, 2015

Chapter 23:
Mental mediumship (pp. 301-313). Beischel, J., & Zingrone, N.

The Survival Hypothesis: Essays on Mediumship

Rock, A. J. (Ed.), McFarland, 2014

Advances in quantitative mediumship research (pp. 177-195). Beischel, J.

Mediumship and its place within parapsychology (pp. 275-284). Beischel, J., Boccuzzi, M., & May, E. C.

The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Transpersonal Psychology

Friedman, H. L., & Hartelius, G. (Eds.), John Wiley & Sons, 2013

Parapsychology (pp. 401-416). Rock, A. J., Storm, L., Irwin, H. J., & Beischel, J.

Altering Consciousness: A Multidisciplinary Perspective

Cardeña, E., & Winkelman, M. (Eds.), Greenwood Publishing Group/Praeger Perspectives, 2011

Reconceptualizing the field of altered consciousness: A 50-year retrospective (pp. 113-135). Beischel, J., Rock, A. J., & Krippner, S.

Kindle Books

The following are Amazon Kindle books I authored or edited.
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Among Medium:

A Scientist’s Quest for Answers

Among Mediums (2013) is an accessible, bite-sized review of my (at that time) 10-year journey and the answers I discovered along the way. My writing is concise, non-technical, conversational, and entertaining. Larry Dossey, MD, has called me “a courageous, innovative pioneer” and found Among Mediums to be “science writing at its best.”

From the Mouths of Mediums Vol. 1:

Experiencing Communication

In Vol. 1 of From the Mouths of Mediums (2014), 13 Windbridge Certified Research Mediums discuss how they experience communication from the deceased; what suggestions they have for people interested in experiencing communication on their own; and why it might be that someone has not heard from their loved one.

Meaningful Messages:

Making the Most of Your Mediumship Reading

Meaningful Messages (the book, not the cards; 2013) provides 10 helpful hints for people interested in receiving a reading from a psychic medium. It’s a short overview of the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind as you prepare for, experience, and reflect on a reading from a medium.