Love and the Afterlife

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Love and the Afterlife: Connecting with your Departed Loved Ones

World-renowned after-death communication researcher Dr. Julie Beischel has made the scientific study of loving relationships her life’s work for nearly 20 years. Love and the Afterlife is the culmination of that work. Drawing on her groundbreaking research with psychic mediums and other studies focusing on communication between the living and the deceased, Love and the Afterlife provides evidence-based tips for optimizing your continued connection to your departed human and non-human animal loved ones.

It includes four sections (L.O.V.E.). L is for Laying the Groundwork about love, grief, and our continuing bonds with the departed. O is for Optimizing our Ongoing connection to the Other Side with practical steps you can take to facilitate communication. V is for Variations of After-Death Communication (ADC) including love in spontaneous, facilitated, assisted, and requested ADCs. E is for Ever After with suggestions for preparing for your own trip across the veil.

Complete with Dr. Beischel’s unique sense of humor and talent for translating research findings into plain, non-specialist language, Love and the Afterlife is a practical guide for anyone interested in exploring the meaningful but taboo topic of our eternal connections to those we’ve loved and lost.

Note: This book contains adult themes and language.

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