Selected Research

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Featured Research

Laboratory Evidence for Life After Death


Findings from research examining mediums phenomenology (experiences) taken together with accuracy testing results demonstrate that the best explanation for modern mediumship is that consciousness can survive past physical death and at least some mediums are communicating with the deceased.

Resulting Presentation

Beischel, J. (2021, August 11). Scientific evidence for life after death: The accuracy and experiences of mediums [Conference session]. 2021 Windbridge Research Center Afterlife Symposium.

Mediumship Research Methods


Ideally, mediumship studies include an optimal research environment and maximum controls.

Testing Mediums’ Accuracy


Five levels of blinding control for normal, sensory sources for the information reported by mediums.

Mediums’ Experiences


Once all normal explanations for the info mediums report are addressed, only psychic sources are possible. Mediums’ experiences, even under blinded conditions, are that they are communicating with the deceased not psychically acquiring info about them.

Grief and Experiences of After-Death Communication (ADCs)


Grief, Continuing Bonds, and Experiences of After-Death Communication (ADCs). Always consult a licensed healthcare provider when considering treatment options.

Disease Burden in Mediums


Mediums have more health challenges than non-mediums which are most likely the result of their childhood experiences.